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Senior Android developer


Alex Zhukovich has been developing Android since 2011. Currently, he is working for He is a public speaker and software enthusiast with a passion for technologies, which share thoughts & experiences on the private technical blog at and YouTube channel:


Android Architecture Components – what future Google is preparing for Android devs?

As Android developers, we face many challenges like handling life-cycle events, persisting data, maintaining view state, etc. Our constant struggle for a good architecture was not left unnoticed, Google stepped up and gave us their own take on the topic in the form of Architecture Components.

The APIs looks nice and is quite polished. On this years IO conference Google showed that they do not intend to abandon it and presented further increments.

During this talk, we will explore how LiveData, ViewModel and Lifecycle are working inside, what tricks were used to create them? Is it worth to migrate? We will try to answer what plans Google has for the future!

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