Andrii Rakhimov

Lead Android Engineer


Lead Android Engineer at Lalafo. More than 6 years working with mobile. Have experience of scaling apps from several thousand to millions of users. Passionate about mobile and technology as well as about giving back to the community.


SELECT * FROM SqlDelight JOIN Multiplatform

Wed 25 Sept | 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM | Ibis Hotel Avengers

For the last couple of years, Room was the preferable solution for work with SQLite. But recently was released a new version of SQLDelight with kotlin multiplatform support, overhauled API and full generated kotlin code, RxJava2 extensions, paging library support and many more. With its feature of live typesafe code generation from SQL queries with the help of Android Studio plugin is hard to compete. So is it still worth considering other solutions?

In this session, we will go through the core features of SQLDelight and in the live demo, we will see how SQLDelight works. We will go through the main use cases and will think about future possible use cases of multiplatform application of SQLDelight. You’ll leave this talk with a solid understanding of how SQLDelight works and the confidence to get started.

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