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Romain Guy

Romain Guy Android Toolkit Lead TwitterBIOBIORomain manages the Android Toolkit lead at Google. His team is responsible for the Jetpack libraries — including Jetpack Compose a new upcoming UI Toolkit for Android —, the Android UI Toolkit, text, graphics and…
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Chet Haase

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Chet Haase Android Chief Advocate TwitterBIOBIOI work with external developers to help them create great Android applications, and to understandwhat they need from Android in order to do that. DOUBLE – TALKDOUBLE – TALK Closing Keynote Wed 25 Sept |…
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Pietro Maggi

Pietro Maggi Android Developer Advocate TwitterBIOBIOIn the Android Developer Relations team Pietro’s focus is to provide an awesome developer experience around Play technologies like Android Vitals and Android App Bundles. TALKTALK Play Core library: Take control of Android App Bundles’…
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