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Carlos Mota

Carlos Mota Lead Software Engineer TwitterBIOBIOAndroid team lead at WIT Software, he can easily be spotted there working on the company RCS solution. An enthusiastic for new technology and always trying to reach those last 20% of all of his…
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Ash Davies

Ash Davies Senior Android Engineer TwitterBIOBIOGoogle Developer Expert for Android, Senior Engineer at Immobilienscout24, Kotlin enthusiast, Flutter amateur, Digital policy advocate, musing over British Tea and Salt & Vinegar crisps TALKTALK Working With Dagger and Kotlin Tue 24 Sept |…
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Mikołaj Leszczyński

Mikołaj Leszczyński Android Software Architect TwitterBIOBIOAndroid Software Architect at Babylon health, previously at Just Eat. Still searching for mobile architecture nirvana. Massive fan of reactive patterns and Kotlin. Has been recently dabbling in some functional programming concepts. Looking forward to…
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Nicola Corti

Nicola Corti Android Engineer TwitterBIOBIONicola Corti has been an Android Software Engineer since 2.2, and a Free and Open Source lover for as long as he remembers. He’s currently working as an Android Engineer at Yelp Inc, connecting millions of…
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Jossi Wolf

Jossi Wolf Android Developer TwitterBIOBIOUploading TALKTALK Transforming a Java Desktop Application to Kotlin Multiplatform Tue 24 Sept | 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM | H2B Hub Eternals Kotlin Multiplatform is a language feature that allows compiling Kotlin code for Java,…
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Enrique Lopez Mañas

Enrique Lopez Mañas Google Developer Expert TwitterBIOBIOEnrique López Mañas is a Google Developer Expert and independent IT consultant. He has been working with mobile technologies and learning from them since 2007. He is an avid contributor to the open source…
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Filip Babić

Filip Babić Google Developer Expert TwitterBIOBIOSelf proclaimed Kotlin preacher, Android fanatic, speaker, mentor, article, tutorial and book writer TALKTALK Building asynchronous mechanisms in Android applications, using Kotlin Coroutines Tue 24 Sept | 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM | H2B Hub…
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Milos Marinkovic

Milos Marinkovic Software Product Developer TwitterBIOBIOMilos is a software enthusiast, software product developer, tech event organizer in Berlin’s GDG, and an active open-source contributor. His interests are Android, modern web, connected devices and Internet Of Things. As an active tech…
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