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Romain Guy

Romain Guy Android Toolkit Lead TwitterBIOBIORomain manages the Android Toolkit lead at Google. His team is responsible for the Jetpack libraries — including Jetpack Compose a new upcoming UI Toolkit for Android —, the Android UI Toolkit, text, graphics and…
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Chet Haase

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Chet Haase Android Chief Advocate TwitterBIOBIOI work with external developers to help them create great Android applications, and to understandwhat they need from Android in order to do that. DOUBLE – TALKDOUBLE – TALK Closing Keynote Wed 25 Sept |…
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Bakhtar Sobat

Bakhtar Sobat Chapter Lead Android Dev BIOBIOChapter Lead Android Development @ABN ARMO TALKTALK Zero knowledge proof Tue 24 Sept | 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM | Ibis Hotel Asgardians Are you willing to share your biometric identification with someone else? Thanks to…
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Shem Magnezi

Shem Magnezi Staff engineer TwitterBIOBIOShem has a decade of experience in developing in various domains: client and server side, real-time systems, Big Data, mobile, and web. After a couple of years developing mobile apps, in the last 2 years, he’s…
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